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Dave – AKA Sir Edmund or Kinder

Named after Sir Edmund Hillary the first man to climb Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Badger is the team leader and event organiser. The “33 Peaks in 33 Weeks” challenge was his brain-child and if there is some crazy hair brained plan or suggestion, it will certainly be his. He was in danger of being overthrown after he said the “Long Road Home” walk would only be 8 miles when it actually turned out to be 13. Having survived this mini mutiny he now places much more importance on group decisions and passes as much responsibility as he can on to others.

He is also the official photographer and shoots 100’s of pictures per walk as a thinly disguised way of resting more than everyone else. He is often found wanting on the steepest sections but uses his long stride to good effect on anything less severe. He has no problem descending but will often place himself on Wu Tang watch, ensuring she manages to reach her destination safely. Having reached our finish point, Sir Edmund is at home whatever pub we choose to visit for our post walk pint.

After 62 walks not out, Sir Edmund had to miss the walk to Pendle Hill as he finally took his turn to look after Snail. Sir Edmund has completed the Yorkshire tops tick list and the Yorkshire three peaks since the Badgers formed. He also walked the Herriot Way in April 2011 and completed the 34 mile canal challenge in 2013. At the time of writing, Sir Edmund is one of only 5 Badgers to have passed the 500 mile barrier.


2010 – Yorkshire Tops Tick List Completion
2011 – The Herriot Way
2011 – Yorkshire Three Peaks
2012 – Total Badger Miles = 500+
2013 – Gargrave to Leeds Canal Challenge
2016 – Gargrave to Leeds Canal Challenge

Dave’s Personal Statistics

Here you can see my personal achievements as a Badger; the distances I’ve walked, the time spent walking, the number of tops I’ve visited and many more.  

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28/5/11 Crossing Dungeon Ghyll

Dave’s Gallery

We take hundreds of pictures on each walk so picking a few out for my gallery was a difficult task. These are the ones I have chosen, good, bad or ugly, this is me! Happy viewing, Dave

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Dave’s Yorkshire Top Questionnaire

1. Favourite Peak. For me this would have to be Pen-y-Ghent. It is the peak I have climbed more than any other and I never tire of climbing it, although I have been known to tire as I am climbing it. I just love its profile, and the fact you can see where you are …

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Dave’s Extra Walks

Jersey Coastal Walk – August & September 2011 Just prior to a holiday in Jersey we discovered a book called the Channel Island Way which is a 115 mile route walking around all of the five main Channel Islands. We didn’t have time to channel hop and do it all but we did set out …

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