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David – AKA Vidal

Vidal, is a  rare breed of walker that always seems to find conditions against him. If the walk is a short one, he prefers a long walk to test him. If the walk is lengthy, he wanted a short one because he has plans later that night. If it is far away, he doesn’t like getting up early, and if our day is a short one, it isn’t worth his while. On top of all this he will only contemplate attending if the weather is ok. He does like to get out on his own and follow various tow paths up and down canals so it isn’t that he dislikes walking, maybe he dislikes the other  Badgers.

Vidal has been threatening to do the Fairfield Horsehoe since July 2011, but has managed to avoid going, for various reasons. We look forward to hearing some more of his excuses in the not to distant future…


2013 – Gargrave to Leeds Canal Challenge

David’s Personal Statistics

Here you can see my personal achievements as a Badger; the distances I’ve walked, the time spent walking, the number of tops I’ve visited and many more.  

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28/5/11 Overlooking Langdale

David’s Gallery

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David’s Meet the Badgers “Q and A”

What nicknames have you had throughout your life? – Hammy, Vidal, Victor Meldrew Who would play you in a film of your life? – Clint Eastwood… he’s cool. Who would you really like to meet? – The perfect woman If you were taking someone walking for the first time where would you go? – A …

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