Graham’s Meet the Badgers “Q and A”

What nicknames have you had throughout your life? – Dobbo, G, Captain slow

Who would play you in a film of your life? –Brad Pitt of course ( we are the same age ! )

Who would you really like to meet? – John Travolta

If you were taking someone walking for the first time where would you go? – Our three little trigs walk from Embsay

What’s your favourite activities other than walking?– Footy / food & drink

Sum yourself up in five words – You can rely on me

Who or what really annoys you? – Politicians

Favourite TV programme? – Globe trekker

Which website do you spend most time on? – LUFC

Favourite film? – Aliens / Jerry Maguire

What was the last film you saw? – Wild Hogs

And the last book you read? – No way down

Give us a playlist of your favourite five songs (and artists) –Viva la diva by Coldplay / Thirteen by Danzig / Road to hell by Chris Rea /Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits /Ace of spades (slow version) Motorhead

What is your biggest walking achievement as a Badger?–Yorkshire 3 peaks

What’s your favourite peak? – Too hard to choose, but Inglebourgh on a good day is up there

You are forced to have a tattoo, what does it say?– Made in England

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?– Aeronautical bio-engineering physics of the 3rd dimension? What the…. !!

You’re invited to a fancy dress party, who will you go as?– Batman

What football team do you support? – Leeds

Any other teams? – No

Which British Peak would you most like to walk? – Ben Nevis

What’s your favourite pub/restaurant? – Midnight Bell on a Friday (it means the week’s over)

Favourite food? – Sunday roast

Favourite drink? – Long Island ice tea

What’s the funniest thing you have seen whilst out walking with the Rambling Badgers? – The Wu-Tang stance

What are you scared of? – Spiders

You can save one prized possession, what is it? – My walking boots !

What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to you?– Please send in your tax return.

What keeps you awake at night? – 3 gallons of coffee !

Tell us something about yourself that only you know?– I’m really from another time zone

Who’d be your four ideal (living) dinner party guests?– Billy Connolly / Joe Simpson / Jo Brand / Tom Cruise

Who’d be your four ideal (dead) dinner party guests?–Douglas Bader / Bruce Lee/ Marilyn Monroe/ My big grandma

If you could be marooned with one celebrity, who would it be? – One celebrity girl band, is that allowed?

Favourite holiday destination? –Lanzarote (so far)

Finally, would you rather be attacked by one horse sized duck, or twelve duck sized horses? – Twelve horse sized ducks, ‘come on’ !

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