Graham’s Yorkshire Tops Questionnaire

1. Favourite Peak.

Wild Boar Fell. I loved being stood on the edge looking out across Yorkshire. When you can see out over the vast countryside it makes you feel very small.

2. Least favourite peak

I would say that Water Crag was my least favourite. From memory I can’t recall the views being up to much.

3. Most enjoyable walk

My most enjoyable walk was the one that took in Sails, Swarth Fell & Wild Boar Fell. The day was glorious and the views were stunning both from the valleys looking up and the tops looking around. I found the walk itself to be fairly easy and one that I would love to do again.

4. Least enjoyable walk

It would have to be the walk from the Tan Hill Inn to Water Crag. Although there wasn’t loads of climbing to do the walking was awkward over the uneven grass. The landscape was all the same and I found it quite boring.

5. Greatest moment

I loved looking back up at Wild Boar Fell as we made our way down from the top. That is the one thing that stands out for me.

6. Worst moment

The walk along the road on the Ingleborough walk wasn’t good. We started near the Ribblehead viaduct and we walked into Ingleton. The road seemed busy and cars and trucks came a little too close for comfort.

7. Best or worst animal / creature related incident

I don’t think anything out of the ordinary has happened really.


8. The most amazing thing I saw was

We saw a low flying jet over Kettlewell which was pretty good. The other thing I recall was looking at the Ribblehead viaduct as we came down off Ingleborough. It was bathed in sunshine and looked so small next to Whernside.

9. The one place in the Yorkshire Dales I would love to sit on a sunny day without a care in the world would be

It would have to be Wild Boar Fell for the views.

10. Things I have discovered about myself

I have realised that I am not scared of heights or drops as we have encountered a few along the way. I also realise I like to be out and want to try and make sure I continue to get out and walk more.

11. Walking ambition

There are lots of things I would like to do. In no particular order I would like to walk Scafell Pike, Mount Snowdon, Ben Nevis, Coast to Coast, Herriott Way, West Highland Way and the highest Scottish Peaks. As for overseas I would love to do high routes in Austria and Switzerland as well as the Inca Trail for Machu Picchu and Mount Kilimanjaro. I can’t afford Everest!

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