Leanne’s Yorkshire Tops Questionnaire

1. Favourite Peak.

Whernside has got to be my favourite peak. The walk is very pleasant from Ribblehead with some ace views from the top if the weather is clear. This was the first peak in the Yorkshire Dales I ever walked, and it’s also the only peak in the Yorkshire Dales I have ever walked alone which although a bit scary at the time was actually quite cool too.

2. Least favourite peak

My least favourite peak has to be Green Hill and the reason for this is because I can’t even see how it happened to become in the “peak” category. As far as I can tell, it wasn’t even an up/ down peak. It was an up, then stop at the peak. Rubbish.

3. Most enjoyable walk

This has to be Rogan’s Seat for me. It was another walk early on in the year (our second to be exact). The whole walk was “rateable” – the car park with an honesty box and the toilet facilities were excellent. Following the Pennine Way, over the bridge with a really pretty river, the old buildings, the old mining equipment. Everything about it was excellent, but most of all the views into Swaledale. Higher up, underfoot was a little scary and getting to the top was actually quite a long hike and the cairn took a lot to be desired but it was certainly worth it. I’d love to do it again, but this time without the snow to see how different the landscape is without it.

4. Least enjoyable walk

As much as I moan (every time) about how much of a struggle this walking lark is, I don’t think I have a least enjoyable walk- each one has been totally different. I think people will expect me to put Nine Standards Rigg or attempt one of the Howgills because of the weather (although please see Worst moment for this) but I enjoyed myself on those days. So I haven’t got a least enjoyable walk!

5. Greatest moment

This sounds like the ultimate cop out of an answer but I think I have too many greatest moments to name check them here.

6. Worst moment

My fellow ramblers will not be at all surprised by me saying that the second half of our first visit to the Howgills was my worst moment. I was at the back with my L’Autobus partner when we saw the mist roll in and the waterproofs came out. By the time we got to The Calf I was soaked, and the rain continued and so did we. We made it to Fell Head after we’d already passed Bush Howe and by this point I couldn’t look at the camera as the sun lotion (that I’d put on earlier, when it was sunny) had washed into my eyes and I couldn’t open them. Not good when rambling. At this point we had to abandon said mountain and come back another day.

7. Best or worst animal / creature related incident

I think the funniest thing for me didn’t actually occur whilst we were out walking- it was actually in the car on the way home from our Yockenthwaite walk. Whilst we were out we had heard a bird and it had quite a noticeable cry. Luckily, Dave’s dad was with us that day and he had a bird book in the glove box so on our journey home, Beaky was given the task of reading it and tried to imitate the calling of the curlew… I guess you had to be there to appreciate the funniness but trust me, it was funny!

8. The most amazing thing I saw was

Ease Gill has to be the most amazing thing I have seen since we started walking. We encountered Ease Gill on the Gragareth, Green Hill, Great Coum & Crag Hill walk and Dave had mentioned that this particular piece of landscape was definitely worth seeing and he wasn’t wrong. Everything about it was ace- the way the water had eroded the stones, the dry river bed, the massive stones that were inside and the little waterfall that never went anywhere. We have seen some sights on these walks but I won’t ever forget that. (See photo bottom of page).

9. The one place in the Yorkshire Dales I would love to sit on a sunny day without a care in the world would be

Out of everywhere we’ve been this year, the one place I would be happy to sit at on a sunny day would be the Howgills but only if this could be on a non windy day! The views are amazing and the sound of silence is something that cannot be beaten.

10. Things I have discovered about myself

I have definitely become more confident with my walking ability and come to think of it, also in everyday life. I have done something this year that at the outset, nobody believed I would ever be able to achieve, including myself if I’m honest, and I have. Its opened me up to a different world that I never knew existed and I am glad Dave got me up and out on that cold Valentines morning

11. Walking ambition

I would definitely like to conquer the Yorkshire 3 Peaks as have attempted and failed twice now. I also want to experience walking the National 3 peaks however probably not as the challenge- I like to go at my own pace. I would like to try the Herriot way and after watching Julia Bradbury complete the coast to coast, I really would like to try that.

Ease Gill

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