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Roger – AKA The Flying Stick

His quick walking and slight build made for a very apt nickname, not that anyone ever calls him by it. The slight build may have something to do with his deliberate food choices that came to the fore on our Herriot Way walk in April 2011. The flying bit could have developed from a need to escape the card table quickly after he was caught cheating on the same trip, tut tut.

He doesn’t attend every walk as he also likes cycling around the Dales, preferring that to the rambling. Basically we are his second choice but are we bitter and twisted? Certainly not, although from now on all walks will be planned for a day that Mr F Stick has a bike ride planned. The Rambling Badgers, second best, I don’t think so, I mean who does he think he is anyway.

Roger was one of the six who took part in the Badgers first long distance path, The Herriot Way in April 2011. He also successfully managed Oxfam’s Trailtrekker in May 2012, completing the 63 mile route under the 30 hour time limit.


2011 – The Herriot Way
2012 – Trailtrekker
2014 – Lyke Wake Walk
2016 – Yorkshire Three Peaks




Roger’s Personal Statistics

Here you can see my personal achievements as a Badger; the distances I’ve walked, the time spent walking, the number of tops I’ve visited and many more.  

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18/9/10 Celebrating on top of Yorkshire

Roger’s Gallery

Well, It’s finally here, what you’ve all been waiting for. A picture gallery of me! You lucky people. How did you live without it, I hear you ask? (Apparently this is what I look like, but I’m not convinced.)  Roger

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Roger’s Meet the Badgers “Q and A”

What nicknames have you had throughout your life? – Pepé (as in la pugh) or Dodger Who would play you in a film of your life? – Ewen Bremner (Spud from trainspotting) Who would you really like to meet? – I don’t think you should met your hero’s, (and I don’t have any!) but I …

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