Roger’s Meet the Badgers “Q and A”

What nicknames have you had throughout your life? – Pepé (as in la pugh) or Dodger

Who would play you in a film of your life? – Ewen Bremner (Spud from trainspotting)

Who would you really like to meet? – I don’t think you should met your hero’s, (and I don’t have any!) but I wouldn’t mind a few beers with Thom Yorke from Radiohead.

If you were taking someone walking for the first time where would you go? – Kentmere in the Lakes. Its spectacular

What’s your favourite activities other than walking?– The most fun I’ve ever had was on my mountain bike, that’s what I live for, but I like swimming, and five-a-side too.

Sum yourself up in five words – Skinny, quiet, skinny, dad, quiet

Who or what really annoys you? – Me…I can walk away or turn off anything else.

Favourite TV programme? – Six Feet Under by HBO. Class.

Which website do you spend most time on? – That would be Facebook then.

Favourite film? – Too many to mention but “Into The Wild’ will do. Makes you want to live life to the full while you can.

What was the last film you saw? – La Fille du RER (the girl on the train) based on a true story about a girl who pretends she was attacked by anti-semites

And the last book you read? – Cousin Betté by Balzac, French classic about greed and revenge.

Give us a playlist of your favourite five songs (and artists) – Pyramid song (Radiohead) Fight the power (Public Enemy) I am the walrus (The Beatles) Moments of pleasure (Kate Bush) There is a light..(The Smiths)

What is your biggest walking achievement as a Badger?– The Howgills because I got vertigo going down one of the hills. Not been scared on any of the other walks!

What’s your favourite peak? – Wild Boar Fell, that’s shaped like a proper peak with a huge cliff and great views

You are forced to have a tattoo, what does it say?– “tattoo’s are for losers” haha

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?– I don’t really know…Art History? The complete works of the Chuckle Brothers.

You’re invited to a fancy dress party, who will you go as?– Chewbacca or Vince Noir

What football team do you support? – Don’t have any interest in football, so might be in danger of being kicked out of the badgers!

Any other teams? – I was a member of Team Chevin mountain bike and drinking club. Does that count?

Which British Peak would you most like to walk? – Snowdon because its got a cafe at the top…result

What’s your favourite pub/restaurant? – The Reliance in Leeds is my favourite bar, and the restaurant would have to be The Café Flore in Paris.

Favourite food? – Langoustines but you can’t get them over here

Favourite drink? – Leffé Blond

What’s the funniest thing you have seen whilst out walking with the Rambling Badgers? – A aeroplane waving back at us with it’s wings

What are you scared of? – Everything!

You can save one prized possession, what is it? – My Orange Five mountain bike or my mac (because it has my pictures of my son on it).

What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to you?– “It’s over”

What keeps you awake at night? – Nothing, I have a clear conscience (well almost).

Tell us something about yourself that only you know?– I was brought up by wolves?

Who’d be your four ideal (living) dinner party guests?– Chuck D/ Joan Biaz / Brian Cox/ Terry Gilliam

Who’d be your four ideal (dead) dinner party guests?– Harper Lee / Mario Savio / John Lennon / Oscar Wilde

If you could be marooned with one celebrity, who would it be? – Kiera Knightly (for her well documented raft building skills of course)

Favourite holiday destination? – Northern Italy wins hands down. Rome, Siena, Venice. The food!

Finally, would you rather be attacked by one horse sized duck, or twelve duck sized horses? – Twelve Duck-sized horses obviously!

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