Sandra’s Yorkshire Tops Questionnaire

1. Favourite Peak.

Nine Standards Rigg for me. It wasn’t the best day in the world, in fact far from it but the “nine standards” were a very impressive sight.

2. Least favourite peak

Baugh Fell (Tarn Rigg Hill) It was just a corner in a wall.

3. Most enjoyable walk

Rogan’s Seat – fantastic scenery, beautiful snowy landscape and crisp fresh air.


4. Least enjoyable walk

Ingleborough – not for the peak but for the very, very, very long walk back along the road – boooooo!

5. Greatest moment

Top of Wild Boar Fell – it was so impressive looking up from ground level and the view out over the edge was fantastic.

6. Worst moment

1st attempt at the Howgills – very bad visibility and I had really looked forward to the views from there. Made me cry I was sooooo p’d off.

7. Best or worst animal / creature related incident

Mole Alley – not happy about that. Also didn’t like the cows accommodation on the Howgills return, very hot and they were inside standing in their own poo….. hmmmm.

8. The most amazing thing I saw was

The dry river bed and Ease Gill at the end of the Gragareth walk, but Buckden Beck waterfalls are contenders as is Cautley Spout.

9. The one place in the Yorkshire Dales I would love to sit on a sunny day without a care in the world would be

Any of them really, but Yockenthwaite Moor sticks out – prob because it was a nice day and there was no-one else there.

10. Things I have discovered about myself

I am a whinger! No further comment!

11. Walking ambition

National Three Peaks for me – oh and the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge – would like to do them all in the one day but not sure if I could!

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