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KarenKaren first joined the Badgers on our lovely stroll to Beamsley Beacon back in April 2011. It wasn’t until August 2013 that she next joined us but has since become more of a regular attendee. In 2014 Karen was one of 10 Badgers who completed the 40 mile Lyke Wake Walk after walking from Osmotherley to Ravenscar.


2014 – Lyke Wake Walk

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  1. KAREN

    gosh i didn’t realize you had mentioned me on here. You are a nice bunch of people and some of us originate from the same end of Leeds and nearly every time i walk and get chatting to someone and they know parts of my family or my friends . I have always enjoyed the outdoors and i was introduced to it as a child. I enjoy walking in groups as my sense of direction can leave me in limbo. You are the nicest group i walk with (no nonsense about attire or walking in single file ! ). and you are a great bunch of people and i envisage me and the kids (well if they are not too busy with their own lives) hopefully walking with you for many years to come. Thanks Karen x

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