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Simon – AKA Beaky

Any sign of an incline and Beaky is off, quickly disappearing into the distance. He probably spends more than half his time stood around waiting for other people to catch up and can often be seen shivering at the cairn having been stood there ages by the time the group arrive. He also spends more time than anyone else emptying his bladder, having watered almost every fell we have visited so far.

A strong walker, he has few weaknesses, but does go very quiet and moves slowly when faced with any type of ledge or steep drop. That is exactly the opposite of how he reacted the day he nearly stood on 10 startled grouse!

Beaky completed our Yorkshire tops tick list in 2010 and the Herriot Way during 2011 as well as twice completing the Yorkshire three peaks. The following year he was one of the three Badgers to successfully complete Trailtrekker, Oxfam’s 63 mile walking challenge. He is currenlty the Badger who has covered the most miles, ascent and spent the most time walking. In 2013 he successfully walked the 34 miles from Gargrave to Leeds along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal.


2010 – Yorkshire Tops Tick List Completion
2011 – The Herriot Way
2011 – Yorkshire Three Peaks x2
2012 – Total Badger Miles = 500+
2012 – Trailtrekker
2013 – Gargrave to Leeds Canal Challenge
2014 – Lyke Wake Walk


Simon’s Personal Statistics

Here you can see my personal achievements as a Badger; the distances I’ve walked, the time spent walking, the number of tops I’ve visited and many more.  

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3/7/10 Enjoying the sun on Swarth Fell

Simon’s Gallery

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Simon’s Meet the Badgers “Q and A”

What nicknames have you had throughout your life? – Started with Beaky (or Beaks) at high school and its never changed Who would play you in a film of your life? – Daniel Craig wouldn’t do a bad job Who would you really like to meet? – I like the company of people who make …

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Simon’s Yorkshire Tops Questionnaire

1. Favourite Peak. Wild Boar Fell. It looked fantastic from the eastern side on a previous walk up Mallerstang Edge, with its ‘sharp’ profile. It looked as though it would be a really tough ascent, however it was pleasantly not as hard as imagined. We approached via Swarth Fell from the south, and the sight …

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