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Simon’s Yorkshire Tops Questionnaire

1. Favourite Peak. Wild Boar Fell

Wild Boar Fell. It looked fantastic from the eastern side on a previous walk up Mallerstang Edge, with its ‘sharp’ profile. It looked as though it would be a really tough ascent, however it was pleasantly not as hard as imagined. We approached via Swarth Fell from the south, and the sight of the cairns lined up on Wild Boar Fell’s edge, overlooking the valley was a sight to behold. The route down, also gave us some fantastic views as we looked right back up the crag almost vertically.

2. Least favourite peak

I have enjoyed scaling them all, but some of the tops have been a bit disappointing, where no prominent cairn or trig point marks the summit. Fountains Fell (South Top) as there was no apparent marker and we had to go with the GPS that we were at the peak, plus the weather had closed in, so it was a bit of an anti-climax.

3. Most enjoyable walk

The route up Ingleborough from Ingleton. Having only previously climbed Ingleborough on the traditional three peaks route, at the end of a taxing three peaks walk, I wasn’t overly looking forward to the walk. The route from Ingleton however is fantastic. The relative height is one of the highest we have scaled, but it is none too steep anywhere on this route. And reaching the flat top profile of Ingleborough is never a disappointment, plus as it was my birthday, we all shared a bottle of fizzy!

4. Least enjoyable walk

The weather ruined what should have been a pleasant walk up Nine Standards Rigg. It was none too steep all the way, seemed a lovely route, and the Nine Standards are a fantastic sight once you reach the top, however it rained in at us sideways for the whole walk, so we could never really stop to appreciate the surroundings.

5. Greatest moment

Got to be agreeing to do the first walk. It seemed a crazy idea in February, in the snow, however it got me hooked!

6. Worst moment

Not sure I have a worst moment, but I guess any of the scary bits we have encountered. Personally, I am not great with heights or ridges, so I guess the bit of scrambling we had to do on hands and knees up Mallerstang Edge. This is closely followed by the ridges traversed to scale the waterfalls up Buckden Beck on our way to Buckden Pike, but these moments soon pass.

7. Best or worst animal / creature related incident

Seeing any of the dead animals is always a shame. Being an animal lover, it is always hard to take in that they have suffered up there in the cold.

8. The most amazing thing I saw was

Well all the views have been magnificent, some of the dales bathed in sunshine are just marvellous, but nothing really compares to G getting naked on the route up to the summit of Sails….

9. The one place in the Yorkshire Dales I would love to sit on a sunny day without a care in the world would be

At the top of any peak, with no wind blowing and the sun shining! With the pub still to look forward to a few hours later…

10. Things I have discovered about myself

I have discovered I have become this sad obsessive rambler! Or fell walker is more appropriate I suppose. Buying up maps left right and centre, and more walking gear every other week, and scouring the internet for routes, info, other walkers stories…has all happened to me this year!!

11. Walking ambition

Would love to do Ben Nevis soon. And the Wainwrights seem fascinating. or maybe Coast to Coast. Possibly the Pennine Way. Or the Herriot Way…you getting the picture??

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