Mar 29 2013

The Wheatsheaf – Ingleton (2nd Visit)

It had been 3 years and two days since we last stepped foot in the Wheatsheaf and on that occasion I wasn’t flavour of the month, after a supposed 8 mile walk turn out to be 13 miles long. Today however the walk had been a pleasant 6 miles so we were all full of smiles as we entered to find all the seats taken. The Ingleton Easter egg hunt was on and I suppose it had brought tourists in, which can only be good for the local economy. For us however, it was looking to be a problem, but at the far end of the pub there was seats around the pool table and we situated ourselves there. I got a round in for everyone which came to about £23 I think, which for 8 drinks, plus four or five bags of crisps and team nibbles is about average.

The staff were friendly and the atmosphere was pleasant with staff and customers all seeming to be in holiday mood. The fire was lit and everything was set perfect for a few beers but unfortunately we couldn’t stay that long. I wouldn’t have minded coming back the next day for “Sheaf Stock”, a two day live music event with local bands playing, but at the same time I was glad it was quiet today as it gave us chance to chat.

Today was also Snail’s first visit to a pub in the Dales, and she seemed to be enjoying it when sat with Jane and Helen, but Marc must have given her one of his jalepeno crisps or something…

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Sir Edmund


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