Mar 31 2013

Walk 63 – Pen Of Iniquity

Pen Of Iniquity

route: pendle hill from barley
Date: 31st march 2013
distance: 4.8 miles
ascent: 1198 feet
time: 2 hrs 45 mins
walkers: darren, helen, leanne, sandra & simon

As Sir Edmund had mentioned, this was the first EVER Rambling Badgers walk that he had not been to and it was odd, but I was looking forward to being out.

Sir Edmund’s Nan & Grandad used to visit Pendle Hill, and when we were planning this walk Grandad Fred mentioned Downham. Unfortunately Downham was 4 and a half miles from where we were!

At this moment in time, I was debating whether I should join in with Zumba in the Village Hall!

This would be our view for the entire walk!

We walked past the reservoir which was half frozen.
63rd Walk 6

63rd Walk 8

The water had frozen mid stream down into the reservoir it was so cold.
63rd Walk 12We found these signs en route for the Pendle Way and it was this path L’Autobus started to follow.

63rd Walk 14

63rd Walk 15The others realised that we had gone slightly off track

63rd Walk 16

63rd Walk 17We carried on following the Pendle Way…

63rd Walk 18

and came across this shingle track, where quite a few people were milling about. That always fills me confidence that we were going the right way

Amazing views at the top of that little climb

63rd Walk 20

The Pendle Way went off this way and we went the opposite way- standard!

63rd Walk 21

As we got higher up, icicles had formed and snow had laid

63rd Walk 22

63rd Walk 23The others were further in front so we thought we would take a picture, seeing as though there was nobody else to do it!

63rd Walk 24

When we turned round, this was our view. Everybody has disappeared!

63rd Walk 26

But then shortly after, we saw a crowd of people which is always a good sign

63rd Walk 27

And then the trig!

63rd Walk 30

This is me and Ramblo at the trig. I forgot to unzoom the camera from the previous photo- the trig really is behind us!

63rd Walk 31

Here it is!

63rd Walk 32

It was freezing so after the obligatory pictures and sandwiches, we set off back

63rd Walk 33

It got very steep very quickly

63rd Walk 34

63rd Walk 3563rd Walk 36

63rd Walk 37

I am very glad we decided to go the way we came, and come down this way. The people we were passing were very out of breath!

We stopped at the bottom to give Daz’s knees a rest and for them to have the rest of their lunch

63rd Walk 38

Looking back at where we have been is always such a satisfying feeling

63rd Walk 39

As we continued on our way back, we passed a few signs for Pendle Hill. It’s obviously a very popular hill

63rd Walk 42

63rd Walk 43Walking back along the river was lovely and we even saw some duck eggs- but weren’t sure why they were not being sat on.

63rd Walk 44

63rd Walk 45
We eventually made it to the pub that was heaving with people inside and out. We chose to sit outside because we were quite warm from the walk but it soon cooled and after 1 drink each, we were ready to make a move.

63rd Walk 46

We had come in Darren’s car and Ramblo was worried about getting mud on the carpets, so had thought ahead and brought along her very own boot covers! We may see her on Dragons Den very soon!!!

63rd Walk 48

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